Anne (netmouse) wrote,

letter I sent to NPR at 10:54 a.m.

Dear Friends,

I am disturbed that despite everyone's assurances that the space shuttle
disaster could not be a terrorist attack, that is the main focus of the
discussion I am hearing right now on the radio. In time, we will know what
caused this terrible loss. Right now, you could be reporting actualities.
The actuality here is that 7 very brave crew members were just lost on a
mission that represents one of the greatest accomplishments of the human
race, and of our country. I have seen a space shuttle launch and soar; when
it works, it is a triumph. Today, it is a tragedy, but it is most important
that we not let it hamstring the space program like the backlash of the
Challenger explosion did. Those lives that were lost belonged to people
dedicated to a dream and willing to take the risks. Millions of people
support that dream, and have built it over the last 40 years. It is the
dream we should focus on today, and the courage, and the necessity of
moving onward toward that dream in recognition of the bravery and
accomplishment and dedication to that dream shown by the crew that we just

We mourn, but we should press on. It's what they would have us do, what we
need to do as a nation.

The nation has spent too many hours and days talking about security - don't
do that today. Talk about triumph. Talk about the space program. Talk
about the accomplishments of our crews, both those lost and those who are
still with us. They will bravely rise again, with our support, in the space
shuttle program. Talk about that.


--Anne KG Murphy

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