Anne (netmouse) wrote,

RIP Space Shuttle Columbia, Crew

Laura called this morning to ask if we have heard the news. Hope she will have a chance today to talk to her daughter, who has been greatly looking forward to being an astronaut when she grows up.

Last night the snow came down beautifully, and we enjoyed a walk in the woods before bed. Today it rests heavily, sodden under a gray sky. The regular drip, drip, drip from the eaves seems an appropriate reflection of the tears that have been coming to our eyes from time to time since Laura first told us the news.

I had aimed to have a restful morning, and started it out well with reading in bed, cooking oatmeal for both of us, and delaying Bill from getting up. Now the morning is over, and I'm going back to bed to finish my book. Rest and resettling of house and mind are the order of the day. It has been quite a push with the job hunt and Confusion. I hope to write up my report on the latter by the end of the weekend.

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