Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Monkeys Take Dreamland. Details at 9.

The next Monkey Rampant show will be Friday, Nov. 2 at 9 pm at the Dreamland Theater in downtown Ypsi (26 N. Washington)! Cover is only $6 (or $5 if you bring 3 or more non-perishable items for SOS), and the show should run about 75 minutes. Sketch Commedy at its funniest!

This is technically an all-ages venue, but some of the content in our show is definitely not kid appropriate! Bring your little ones at your discretion, but you've been warned about the dirty stuff.

This show marks our 3-year anniversary -- When the evening is over, we will have performed 200 total sketches! (Only 24 on Nov 2. Don't freak out and think you're going to see 200 sketches. We would be there all night.) See you there!
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