Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I've been very tired, and trying to rest

I feel like I've been fighting a cold since last week. It wouldn't be real good for me to be sick for ConFusion.

I've had a hard time working on the con. Jeff and I seem to have gotten into adversarial attitudes and first his email got decidedly unpleasant in tone and now he just hasn't answered the email I've sent him in the past two days.

this is the kind of thing that makes conrunning less fun. When I talk to Bill about it, he says "you know, you can stop." ...

I know I'm behind on doing some important things and I feel bad about it.
I'll probably get to most of them today, but that doesn't really make me feel any better.

The weekend was pretty good, and actually the tone of the concom meeting was more pleasant for me than a number of those in the past. Krysta and Susan Moerdyk both expressed interest in working on the program next year, and Seth expressed interst in Ops for next year - if we end up changing hotels. Tammy mentioned she'd like to take another look at the Ann Arbor Sheraton.... it sure would be nice to host the con out of Ann Arbor again.

It was nice having Laura here.
Monday mom called and then stopped by and said she forgave us for not reminding her Laura was here and coming to see mom and dad with her... leave it to mom to feel aggrieved that we didn't share the visit of a friend with her, even though the friend was convalescing from surgery and didn't go out anywhere (except to Whole Foods) on her visit.

Though we didn't go out, we did have a couple friends over. Mary came over to hang out both Saturday and Sunday and we were unsurprised to find Mary and Laura getting along really well. Rikhei also joined us Sunday night, for a game of Settlers of Catan. I find settlers with four or five people a lot more fun than settlers with 3 people. We had a very "nice" game with little adversarial application of the robber. I won, which was fun too.

Yesterday I took Laura to the airport in the afternoon, then went on to Troy for the Detroit News-sponsored Job Fair at the Embassy Suites. It was crawded with people, trying to line up to enter small rooms to talk to exausted corporate representatives. I don't know if it was worthwhile or not. But I paid my $5 to get my resume put in a database for the employers there and got a bonus newspaper in return. I also had a couple interesting conversations with people standing in line.

On the way home I met up with Bill at Open Text and we ended up getting together with Jonathon and Becky for dinner at Le Shish, a middle eastern restaurant nearby (East of the freeway on 6-mile, south side of the road, in a strip mall). The food was quite good; I'm looking forward to eating leftovers for lunch. Home from there for a nice long massage for Bill like I haven't given him in a while. He was nicely relaxed but I might have prevented him from sleeping well; I tossed and turned all night. Not a good thing when I'm trying to rest up.

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