Anne (netmouse) wrote,

well, it's been a fairly windy day here at the Murphy farm. I felt a little sorry for our young red pepper plants, being blown about.

Sun's out now. I went out after lunch and planted my corn and beans and squash, plus some zinnias which if you hear mom tell it will eventually be completely overgrown by the tomato plants but I really do think there's enough room for everybody. Close to the last minute I remembered to put a bit of a path to allow me to walk into the middle of the circle for weeding and picking and such. I have seeds left over for the corn and green beans and zuchini in case the ones I just planted don't grow. I hope the corn does well. They started selling sweet corn from florida around here in the last month and I'm really looking forward to Michigan sweet corn.

After the planting I spent a little bit of time mowing the most dandelion-infested part of the yard but then I was getting hot and since the sun was coming out I decided to leave the rest for later figuring it would be better/easier if the grass was that much more dry.
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