Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Feeling good, but tired

I had a good day yesterday, got a lot done on ConFusion. It's nice to get positive feedback from people getting their program itineraries.

I also had a 40-minute dance workout in the morning, and then in the evening Mary picked me up to go meet Bill at the gym and I got another workout. Unfortunately the pool was booked for aerobics, or I would have tried out my new goggles.

So today I'll aim to spend more time getting back into the job hunt. I sigh over half the day being gone already, but I got a slow start. Mary came over and helped cook dinner (which was very yummy and then we stayed up too late, talking. I need to get better at being firm with myself about speaking up and going to bed. It reminds me of how I am on the net, reading web pages or email when I know I ought to be doing something else.

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