Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Pineapple-y goodness

Pineapple Mango Salsa
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

A few years ago Bill had this great idea: we would cut off the tops of store-bought pineapples and plant them, and if we did this as often as we ate pineapple, eventually we would have a constantly replenishing supply.

Well, pineapples will grow in Michigan, if you keep them indoors most of the year. They turn out to be huge plants with unfriendly sharp leaves, but we persevered and two of the plants we planted (we stopped after the fourth one) actually got mature and, with a nudge of bitter apple spray, sprouted pineapples. The fruit finally ripened last week, turning a golden color and getting loose on the stem. I took one to Joe and Lisa's barbecue last weekend and cut into the other one yesterday. I made the bottom half of it into a pineapple mango salsa served over Mahi Mahi and ate some of the leftover salsa over salmon tonight for dinner (the picture is of it on the salmon). This is the first time I made a salsa and it was delicious if I may say so myself. Also the first time I cooked Mahi Mahi.

Though I am a bit sad Bill is not here to share in it, I'm glad this multi-year experiment has come to such a good end.

(If anyone wants a pineapple plant, let me know.)
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