Anne (netmouse) wrote,

If I did nothing else today...

I got gas at 2.97 before the prices soared, and I washed my car and got some recent chips and scratches painted with my factory-direct spice red patch kit.

Oh, and I also got myself banned from a radical feminist's journal because I rudely stuck my foot in my mouth posting before I realized she was trying to create a space where she didn't have to put up with anyone of my ilk (sex-positive folk) while she chatted with like-minded people about the notion of a society where porn is obsolete. (I'm not being sarcastic. It was rude.) Anyway, a couple people there tried to actually engage me in conversation with something other than ad-hominem attacks, but by then I was banned, so this post is just to let people know why I'm not posting anymore, in case they drift over to see if I'm some kind of stuck-up weeny, or what.

ETA: I didn't identify the journal because I didn't mean to incite friends to stride over there and do the same thing I did. It has since been correctly guessed at in comments. But I still don't encourage such activity, even though it *is* frustrating to still be receiving comments there I can't respond to because I'm banned.
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