Anne (netmouse) wrote,

yesterday was very busy. I went with Bill to settle that he was buying the car, then Tammy picked me up at the dealership and we went to the Van Dyke for our hotel review meeting. Gordon was late, so we walked around the hotel checking in on the function space. then Gordon got there and we got a fresh listing of all the reserved hotel rooms and moved to the restaurant, where we spread out and went over the function space layout and then reviewed sleeping room issues, moved people around. Tammy's cell phone was really useful. I really ought to figure out what I want to do about getting one.
a lot of the time I worked on the schedule -incorporating in the filk and kidfusion- for the program book, but I tried to listen to what Gordon and Tammy were doing at the same time.
then we went over the catering requirements, and around about then Gordon remembered that he ought to show us the new permanent bar he'd had installed in Central Park (West, I think - whichever one we use for the dealer's room) - it crosses one corner of the room and will required a new layout for the dealer's tables. we might even have to see if we can convince a dealer to display on the bar - but then, I'm not sure that would help. We'll have to go over it with Tom.
so that was interesting news. and then it took us at least an hour to finish resolving hotel room issues, a lot of which was spent waiting for staff...
they did serve us lunch, which was nice. the restaurant there was closed but they do a lot of business catering, so the kitchen was open.
it was an interesting meeting. We got back just in time for me to pick up my car at the dealership and go to my physical therapy. Sandy seemed encouraged by my progress and had me do the workout with no tape on, which was nice.

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