Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Go see Stardust!

my stardust outfit

Stardust was spectacular! And delightful!

Spectacularly delightful!

The company was also quite nice. Thai Kitchen served us up a delicious repast, and after the movie we swung by Coldstone Creamery for a capper and sat outside a coffee shop until midnight, chatting. Some people who were expected were missed, but I hope they enjoyed however their evenings turned out. I certainly enjoyed mine.

I had extra fun with my outfit too, sporting a hat that is new to me, inherited from my grandmother, and a green amber pendant my sister gave me that I just paired with the right cord and that later I realized kind of echoed the necklace worn by Yvaine for most of the movie.

Now go see the movie. No, really, go now! Today!

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