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Peter Morville Discusses User Experience Strategy
Peter presents a "T-shaped" consulting process: intersecting Information Architecture with User Experience Strategy. More, he discusses the concept of user experience, how to avoid prejudicing your study with the framework of your expectations, why a strategy can have impact, and how to think about the strategy paradox and strategizing as part of the process of making disruptive technologies -- see his column here.

Robin Marantz Henig Discusses Sociable Robots
The Real transformers on the NY Times. Among other things, it asks if robots will ever have self-consciousness. What do you think? And how would you go about proving to someone that you yourself are conscious?

Do you think animals are conscious?

When I was younger, I theorized that a difference between conscious people and other animals is that with consciousness, people are aware of being aware of themselves. Other animals may be self-aware, as in they know they exist and can reason about their own health and comfort and environment, etc, but the question for me would be whether or not they can examine and reason that quality of being self-aware: to be aware of being aware of being aware of themselves. That is abstract thought of a special nature that I find integral to the concept of consciousness.

We have robots that can reason about the situation they are in and match environmental inputs to reasoning about how they should change their own situation. Even if you have that robot refer to itself in its planning and calculations, I would argue that does not make it conscious. Among other things, it ought to have a sense of "embodied intelligence" - knowing what in the world constituted its self.

What do you think constitutes consciousness? And how would you tell in a robot or AI?

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