Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So I've not been posting much because my sister is visiting (until August 2). Just this morning we were talking about how she's feeling cut off from the world because she's missing time with radio and TV on (I don't even own a TV) and I'm feeling cut off because I'm spending almost no time on the computer - I took the week off work, and cut my usual 8 to 13 hours online down to ... less than an hour a day?

Anyway, it's being a productive week. We're sorting through things from my grandmother's house, most of which have been stored at my house since Grandma died in April. Today we finished going through the clothes that mom and I had pulled in the spring, short of the scarves. Many many scarves still to go. novapsyche, when you get a chance, I have blouses you might like for wearing to work. Some of them cover your neck and everything. ;)

There's also progress being made on the yard, especially Sunday, when Gail came over and helped me take out the poison ivy that was all over the back fence. Some of it was so mature it had berries. A very woody plant, in some places, vine in others. I dug out a lot of raspberries, too, because they were blocking access to the poison ivy; almost all of that plus the bundled branches Sarah and dad pruned from the trees in the yard went out on the curb this morning (the fellow with the compostables pick-up truck said that he's so exposed to poison ivy, none of them react to it anymore, but we had it in bags, anyway).

Good accomplishments for this week include that Sarah and I have gone to the gym a couple days in a row. Dance classes end on the 11th and I want to be sure to be back in my old habit of hitting the gym in the morning, so that's been great. Jogged a mile or so yesterday and today I cycled 5 miles and then swam a quarter mile, post some stretching. I was exhausted last week but this week I'm feeling some better. Still on the overwhelmed side sometimes, but getting better, I think. Despite the fact that I can get impatient with them, I really do love my family.

Tonight is mom and dad's anniversary, so we're going out to Bella Ciao for dinner. Hope you all have similarly wonderful things to celebrate.

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