Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Free fish and fish tank stuff (last call) (UPDATED)

If anyone is interested in having freshwater fish, The fish Doctors are going to come by soon and take our angels, cory cats, dwarf plecos, unknown catfish, green terrors, and one way or another the Oscars are going to go, too. I also have random tubing, filters, gravel, driftwood and other fishtank paraphernalia that I can give away or sell. Let me know ASAP if you're interested in any of it.

UPDATE: most of the fish are accounted for though I never know if people are actually going to show up to get them.

I looked around and I have a small cannister filter and 3 medium size whisper filters (whisper-30s) and one whisper mini with no cover, plus another pump, and filter inserts for some of those, lots of different gravel including pea-gravel, some chemicals and fish food and various tubing and a handful of heaters of various sizes (including the two long heaters that are in the filter tank for the 180s, and one that's still in the box). There's also a whisper-60. I would want $5 each for the filters and $2 each for the heaters but the other stuff I can give away.

There are also a couple of small breeding tanks that go inside other bigger tanks for isolating pregnant mommas and saving the littles. And some nets. And a short (2 " ?) hood light, plus the three 4" long flourescent light fixtures that are being used to light the 180s, though if I'm left with those I might hang one or two in the garage.

The two 180-gallon tanks and the 70-gallon tank we're using as a filter are also for sale, asking $350 for the acrylic 180 (6' long), $250 for the glass 180 (tall, 8 ' long), $30 for the 70. Can't sell those until the tanks are broken down though - but can let go of the bioball filter that's in the base tank. If anyone wants that.

And I still have a 5 1/2-gallon tank with a homemade hood with flourescent lights. Free to a good home (I might have a home for that one later but if someone speaks for it sooner I'll give it away)

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