Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Yes, we have Author GoHs!

I am pleased to report that Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld have agreed to be ConFusion Guests of Honor in 2008.

Our guest list is now complete. The rest of the bunch consists of Carl Lundgren (Artist GoH), Throwing Toasters (Music GoH), Kevin M. Dunn (Science GoH), John Scalzi (Toastmaster), and The Pirates (Fan Guests).

Scott and Justine are both fabulous authors and Justine is also a feminist scholar, which is something I'm quite keen about. I'm so excited I've landed myself on a con committee again as Scott and Justine's Liaison.

In other news, the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is returning to Minneapolis next June 20-22. I'm hoping to attend that as well. So the cons I'm currently planning to go to are (maybe Conclave, maybe WFC,) Smofcon in Boston in December, ConFusion in January, (maybe Penguicon,) 4th Street Fantasy, Apollocon, and Denvention 3 (the Worldcon).

What cons are you planning to attend?

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