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Dave's Bike, My Gear
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

I've been asked for pictures of my new gear: here you go.

Yesterday logangrey loaned me his Honda Nighthawk 750 for riding practice. It is, I have to say, a really fun bike to ride. And he loaned it to me overnight, so I get to practice more today!

Chuck drove me over to Dave's on his bike in the afternoon, then hung out in a shady spot working on his brakes while I did drills in a parking lot for at least an hour. After that we rode (on separate bikes! *grin*) the long way around the south side of town to get from Ypsi, where Dave lives, back to my house in Ann Arbor. On the way we swung by elizilla's place. She wasn't there, but around the corner Phil and Jennifer were, so we stopped and got hydrated (I got a welcome lecture from Phil about staying hydrated with Mesh on) and had a nice visit until I had to call time to get back because I was expecting yellowmouser and novapsyche for dinner.

Janann and Alex were already there when we got back, and came out to admire the bike, so we paused for a little photoshoot. I complained my hair was a mess. "Yeah," said Chuck, "You look like you've been riding a bike!"

And so I had. :)


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