Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Watch out world!

Yesterday I went to the SOS and did the standing in line reading the manual thing and the taking a test thing (she took the manual away while I took the test - for a moment there I was surprised, not having thought about it), and then (I passed) the getting my picture taken thing, and what all that adds up to is that sometime soon I will get a nice shiny new Michigan driver's license with a cycle endorsement on it!

In the meantime, I'm already permitted to drive a motorcycle with my temporary dealie, so I plan to take advantage of the nice weather and logangrey's hospitality and practice riding on a real motorcycle with turn signals and mirrors and stuff this weekend. thatguychuck might even join me so I can comfortably leave the parking lot and practice on the street!

Dave and Chuck were willing to loan me enough safety gear that I could ride, but I decided to take the bit in my teeth, so to speak, and went to Rec and Leisure this morning to get some gear of my own. I found some low boots that fit so well I forgot I had them on instead of my regular shoes, a helmet, a jacket (mesh Tour Master jacket with two inserts - rain and warmth), and some gloves. They didn't have much of a selection of gloves my size in the brands I like, so I'll do some online shopping soon, possibly at the New Enough site everyone recommends. Everything I got is Black and Silver, btw.

I really appreciate everyone's support in this, with special thanks to shadowriderhope today for giving me a coupon for 10% off the purchases I just made. and I just may join elizilla tuesday night for a weekly biking gathering in Ypsi. Stay tuned!
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