Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Follow-up on Dexter-Ann Arbor run

Finally got around to looking at the race results. I'm listed in the female group 30-34. In that group, I came in 46th in a field of 101, which is not half bad, really. Gives me a target for next year. :)

Place in age group: 46
Overall place: 872 (out of 1575 - again about the middle of the field)
Runner badge No. 6032 Anne Murphy
Age: 32
Time: 32:28
Pace: 10:26

Slightly shorter time than I had guestimated from having looked at my watch from time to time, so that's nice. So outside of my 8:15 first mile, I averaged just over 11-minute miles.

I'm not jogging a lot right now with all the dance, but I'll try to keep it up/get back to it. Gotta be ready for the new soccer season in the fall, too. :)
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