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By dinnertime last night I was very very tired. Having mom over and doing physical therapy and I don't know what else was going on, but I was tired. Perfect day to throw the frozen lasagna from Omaha Steaks in the oven. I also roused enough to make a green salad with red leaf lettuce and orange pepper and tomato (for me) and croutons.. orange is my favorite color of bell pepper for salads. Nice and sweet and mild.

I called Tammy to let her know I wasn't coming over to smof and then Bill talked me into coming to Juggling with him. I brought a book in case I was too tired or bored. It turned out to be a neat group of people... lots of programmers so I tried to let it get known I was looking for work - but a lot of us were "self-unemployed" as they said at the bar after. Deanna showed me some contact juggling and seemed impressed how quickly I picked up the basics. The non-basics can get pretty hard though and definitely take energy, which I definitely didn't have.
(Deanna seems neat and reminded both Bill and me of my friend Margaret in Waterloo.)

so I worked on the circular juggling with balls for a bit - much easier in an atrium where you don't have to worry about hitting the ceiling. Paul showed me the basics of how to throw clubs and I practiced with two for a while. I think it'll be a bit before I can get a club throw consistent. Bill participated briefly in the combat juggling and later many of us sat and watched Lars do impressive things with the diablo while Azit and Josh took turns unicycling. Josh loaned Bill three clubs "until next year" so maybe I'll get better.

Everyone headed to Good Time Charlie's a little after ten. I got to be designated driver and had a virgin strawberry dacquiri which for some reason came topped with whipped cream... but it was tall and good and we had a good time. After finishing the "this much" (4 inches) of his drink that he'd had left when I suggested we go soon, Bill tried to use nonverbal cues to suggest he was ready to go and I didn't catch on until he tapped me on the shoulder and already had his coat on. Someday I'm going to get him to say "shall we go now?" in my ear or something.. we both got halfway to the car and wished we hadn't left without going to the bathroom.

I was very very tired. Exausted, really. We went home and straight to bed and in the morning when the fish light came on I rolled over and went back to sleep so soundly that if Bill's radio alarm ever went off I didn't hear it.

It's another grey day. Maybe I can put some music on to keep me company while wrapping presents...

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