Anne (netmouse) wrote,

pretty good day so far

I got up shortly after the new fishtank light came on in the bedroom, and puttered around doing christmas card and gift things, took a shower, etc- then as I was getting dressed I heard the garbage truck and i rushed down to carry our garbage can out to him 'cause we'd forgotten that last night.

Bill got up and fed the fish and such and left and I had breakfast and did the dishes and ran the dishwasher, had a nice conversation with my mom about christmas plans and to make plans to go shopping together tomorrow, and did some more christmas cards until I heard the postman at the box and then I ran downstairs to give him the ones I had ready.

quite the day of running.

I had lunch out at Seva with my next door neighbor and that was nice. she gave me a little gift, which was a little clock, which I had not been expecting. we rode the bus and the bus driver gave us a free ride home even though our transfers had expired a short time earlier, which was nice of him.

I can't believe so much time has gone by already. The days are too short! not fair!

we should go on strike or something. Or, I would, but I'm too busy...

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