Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I am very sore, but my wonderful slightly raised circle garden is in and the tarp full of dirt and grass is gone -before killing the grass under it, even! - and the ground to the south side of the house is all grass except a small roundish area (we ran out of sod) about a foot and a half by 2 and a half feet, where I'm thinking I might put a small herb garden or something. We have 8 tomato plants and 4 red bell pepper plants in the garden as of last night and I'm planning to put in seeds for corn and beans today. I mean, really, what are the chances we get another frost before spring's done? -don't answer that.

I was thinking this morning that on those whole I really like my figure. I like the fullness of my chest (rib cage) and the way my upper body rises from my waist. I like how my wide shoulders ballance the girth below the waist. I like the roundness of my hips and I don't even mind the shape of my butt. What I don't like is the fleshiness of my upper arms, the vericose veins and fat under the skin in my legs, the way my inner thighs rub together and sometimes get heat rash, and my belly. The main thing that makes me uncomfortable, and is the main place where I put on weight when I put it on, is my belly. I sigh. Bill and I have compared and my biceps are just about as strong as his (if you go by what we lift at the gym) but he has these nicely defined muscles and mine are yet invisible under the general mass of my flesh.

But I'm on the way up, energy-wise, I can feel it. And we made a significant dent in the dirt pile on our driveway. It's more than half gone and I will no longer have to drive almost into it in order to make sure the back of my car isn't sticking out into the sidewalk.

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