Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Had a good meeting with Tammy yesterday and also spent most of the day working on ConFusion stuff, both for this year and next year. I am pleased to be able to report that Bruce Sterling has agreed to be our author guest of honor in 2004, and it looks like we will have invited our other three guests by sometime this week, hopefully. Don't know if they'll respond so quickly, of course, but we can hope.

Bill picked me up, happy with his juggling club experience, and we went home. After calling Jeff, we watched the second half of the Godfather (part 1). I have never watched the godfather movies before. As we watched this one, Bill occassionally pointed out places where the movie could have been shortenned. I agree, but I also found myself getting accustomed to the pacing and the feel of it. I'm glad I've seen it now, and looking forward to seeing the others.
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