Anne (netmouse) wrote,

3rd Spiderman movie

Me, I liked it. Went to the midnight showing with atdt1991 and filmmaker79. skennedy and I caught dinner beforehand at the mexican place near the theater, which was fun, and then crashed out in his car for a nap until 11. Sleeping in the car was neat. It reminded me simultaneously of when he and I shared a tent on a camping trip last year, listening to his breathing shift into sleep and feeling all companionable, and of going on my roadtrip with my sister in 1996, where was slept in my little Chevy Nova a few times over the course of 3 1/2 months and 22,000 miles. Been remembering lately that I like going places. Need to do more of that.

Anyway, the movie. was. fun. hanging out before and after was fun too. Sitting in the theater watching the same 15 ads and ten movie trivia questions repeat over and over again... Being silly. Standing on the berm out in the parking lot, being silly with skennedy and anneliese until everyone else had driven away and it finally started to set in that it was 3 am and I still had to drive home. The fellow sitting to my left, drakenul, joined in the humorous repartee before the show and was encouraged afterwards to check out ConFusion. Skennedy teased me for doing the Social Director thing even in the middle of the night... (Welcome to LJ, Eric. :))

Wow, I know a lot of Erics. Tammy and Eric. Tammi and Erik. yix's Erik, my dad Eric, my brother Ric, my cousin Eric, Erik Herber and Eric Peterson, good friends in high school that I still run into every four years or so, and Eric Proegler whose dad I owe a return call to get a pastry recipe...

ok, now I'm just babbling, and I've not said anything about the movie. Um. Tobey did dark quite well, I thought. He was sexy in black (but hey, who isn't)? And I even found myself liking James Franco for the period in the middle when his character gets hit on the head and becomes likeable. He's maturing as an actor, I think. Still no particular love in me for Kirsten Dunst, but she didn't ruin anything. Rosemary Harris continues to be the most beautiful woman in these movies (Aunt May).

All in all, a good time.

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