Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Actual Penguicon Report

Anne and Stitch (Stitch has Brendan's glasses)
Jer linked to my earlier comments about books received as if they were a Penguicon report. As If!

I've been wanting to do a more complete report, so I'm going to try now before all the family starts coming in for my grandmother's memorial and the moment is truly lost.

First, the picture to the right comes from Jeff Beeler's Penguicon Pictures. If you have (or have seen) a picture set that includes me, please let me know.

On Friday I got to the con around 2, where I was pleased to run into Bruce Schneier first thing and collect a welcome hug. tammylc and sethb seemed to have reg set-up well in hand, so I went ahead and checked in, took my luggage to the room, dragged in my two boxes of free sf books to give away (one must cull from the collection from time to time to avoid bloat), and recruited an unsuspecting passer-by to carry in the large computer monitor I was also giving away. Those got stacked on (or under) the round table central to the lobby, which precipitated the first of many short yet fun encounters with howardtayler, who took a stack of books right away. I also had time to get online and confirm where I was to pick up the Stilyagi flyers that atdt1991 had made visually nifty for me. I set in my head a plan to get to kinkos at 4 pm-ish to get those and I hightailed it back to reg for the 3:00 opening.

Running pre-reg sign-in, first sitting next to Seth and then marykaykare was lots of fun. It was rushed and busy and multiple fine gentlemen kissed me on the back of my neck, which left me feeling flighty but pleased. I eventually got registered, myself, with Netmouse on my badge, then swung by the room (where by happenstance I picked up novaspyche) and on to Kinkos. Actually, before I did that I took a short detour to the bar to check on my GoH, who had waved to me as he trouped by in company with Bear and others who'd been playing with guns earlier in the day. They had added John Scalzi and his wife Krissy to their crew, so I took off well satisfied that Charlie would not only survive but would also be plenty entertained in my absence. Kinkos happened to be near to potbelly's, so Janann and I picked up sandwiches while we were there.

Back at the con Janann and I put up posters for the free hugs/free software party, I showed Charlie the Green Room, and we all got to opening ceremonies in due course. Eventually phecda got there too (the Chair) and the con was officially Open. In the process I met Christine Peterson, who proved to be a delightful guest, up for dancing for the crowd, even! (the things some people will do when the mob starts clapping in time...) I went to Charlie's panel on the influence of the Cthulu mythos on other work and was called away briefly to do.. something (I can't remember what)... which lead to giving my other roommate (shadowriderhope) her key along the way.

Then it was time for me to go help out at the party. That was a good time. Boxing with the Wii was one highlight. Dancing with Tammy was another. It seemed like a highly successful party. I had a quick wander around the con, and that was Friday.

Saturday morning I enjoyed the lovely Subterranean Press breakfast, where Tobias Buckell joined us all too briefly then ran off to be interviewed for the time traveler show. Was on a panel on Getting Things Done with Joe Saul, which went off rather nicely, we thought. Had tasty Brazilian beef, pleased they fulfilled my request to make mine rare. Had a nice time hanging out with Charlie & Bruce at their signing, plus jeffreyab and (briefly) Scalzi.

At some point I ran into hearth_spirit wearing the chain mail shirt he'd made himself. He let me try it on. At 15 lbs, he was right that it didn't feel too heavy but substantially shifted my center of gravity (up).

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bruce and Charlie on a panel together early in the day, then later learned (no surprise) that Charlie and Karl Schroeder make a good combination too. Cut Charlie loose around 9 pm and wandered off to a late sushi dinner with the usual suspects, followed by some fun dancing, mostly with Scalzi, Scalzi's better half, Bear, and Janann. Had a fun if small pool party with skennedy, blue_lucy and renniekins (the lack of a hot tub was regrettable, but we survived). Then sleep.

Sunday I went up to Flint for the morning, making it back just in time for my 11:30 panel on women in technology with Catherine, Christine, and Rennie. It was pretty good, though a bit rambling, I thought maybe. Brendan made sure I had a late checkout, but sken and lucy were conveniently willing to help me schlep stuff to the car, so I had my stuff out before going with them for a late lunch. Stitch and I made it back for closing ceremonies, then I accidentally left him on the stage while going off to make sure Charlie got reimbursed for his travel. I hadn't realized I'd forgotten him until I'd left the con and was on the freeway. Brendan saved the day and brought Stitch home later.

Monday I returned to take Charlie to lunch and to the airport. He reported that Penguicon had been one of the best cons he'd been to in recent memory (or something like that). I was pleased he'd enjoyed it.

Overall, I had a really good time.

Next year maybe we'll do the Dancing for Geeks panel again, since it seemed to be missed.

I realize this review might make it look like I only hung out with a few people, but I saw quite a few more than that, exchanging greetings and hugs and sometimes backrubs. And I haven't even gone into the custom pins I had made... I think that's a post for later.

goodnight for now.


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