Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Books Received: Stross, Watts, Flynn, Scalzi

I had a great time at Penguicon. Charlie Stross, for whom I was the guest liaison, was great fun to hang out with and very little trouble to tend, and he brought me a gorgeous signed limited edition of Glasshouse!

Scalzi brought me a copy of The Last Colony, which is being released this week. That'll be a treat.

We had a delightful Subterranean Breakfast with Bear, Sarah Monette and her husband, Scalzi and his wife Krissy, Bill Schafer and his wife, Charlie Stross, and one other person whose name I'm afraid I'm sketchy on who sat at the other end of the table from me (deep apologies to everyone whose names I've forgotten. It's the day after a con. cut me some slack?). Bill brought me a big bag of advance reading copies, as well, mostly SubPress titles.

When I arrived home after the con, I received a package from Alexis Saarela of Tor, which had in it Blindsight, by Peter Watts, and Eifelheim, by Michael Flynn.

I also bought a copy of Rainbow's End at Penguicon, so I now have all the novel Hugo nominees in hand to prep for the nominees review column I'll be doing next month. I picked up Bear's Carnival as well, so I have way too much interesting stuff to read. Just the way I like it. :)

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