Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I had a most lovely day yesterday. It was a good birthday all around. I finished my target items for the day - the post office trip and finishing putting polyurothane on the top sides of the bookshelves, and I also got some bills dealt with and errors corrected with people billing us wrong (two phone calls probably saved us a little more than 15 dollars). and I got a nice nap after a lovely lunch, and listenned to happy music, and spent some time lazing around reading Card's Shadow of the Hegemon.

And in the evening, mom and dad took us out for a really fabulous birthday dinner at the Shalimar on Main Street. A friend of the family is the manager there, and he picked a variety of spicynesses for the different dishes we ordered and everything was quite tasty. He also was very pleasant to chat with about different options, and after dinner was cleared he brought out a delightfull arrangement of ice cream and sweets on a plate with a candle stuck into the top scoop of ice cream (there was a scoop of pistacio and a scoop of mango), and joined the family in singing happy birthday to me. (!) Binod is a very nice man.

and I also got a whole bunch of presents, both from my parents and Bill and also from a wonderful package from Sarah with many gifts in it and one from Martha and Heinz that we openned later back at mom and dad's - a chinese-style wool jacket. I got many of my asked-for items and a few surprises. Three books, including one on Copyediting, a subscription to Harpers magazine, the soundtrack to moulin rouge, the DVD of Lilo and Stitch (which we watched last night at mom and dad's), swim goggles, a flour sifter, a new Spyro the Dragon game, brightly colored post-it notes, a handy little phone and address book, a neat dress and jacket suit from Sarah (that fits perfectly!! I just tried it on!), and a new cordless phone/answering machine with an option on a cellphone/PDA if one seems good. Mom made a few tries at a jacket for me, including a lambskin leather jacket that will probably fit just great after I lose a little more mass around the belly and hips, which I was already planning to do.

and the most important part is that is was a really good day and I got to have a wonderful fun time with my family and I was happy the whole day. Such days are precious, and I aim to have more of them.

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