Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Hugo Nominees Up - Congrats, Everyone!

The Hugo Nominees list is up, thanks to Making Light. Scalzi was just muttering to me yesterday that he was eager for the list to be out, and I'm sure it's not only because he wanted to burble publicly about his nomination for best fan writer. ;)

Elsewhere in the fan categories, the much-deserving Science-Fiction Five-Yearly edited by Lee Hoffman, Geri Sullivan, & Randy Byers is up for best fanzine. I was tickled to get my copy in the mail and even happier once I read it. Many congrats to all involved, especially Geri, who sent it to me, and who mentions in her happy glowingness here that SFFY is available online. I'll try to remember to bring my copy to Penguicon for people to oo over as well. Steve Stiles is also up for Fan Artist and I really hope he gets it this year.

I am pleased to see Penguicon GoH Charlie Stross on the list for his book Glasshouse, and am looking forward to meeting Campbell Award nominee Sarah Monette, who will be at Penguicon as well. And so will Scalzi, of course, so we've got quite a few award nominees. Maybe we'll give them a gold star for their badges or something. ;)

Especially fun is to see two pieces on the list that I in some way contributed to, ISFiC's Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches, up for best related book (SFOHA provided tapes of a few speeches for their reference - congrats on this end to your hard work, Steven!), and the short story “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” by Neil Gaiman, which I was a Beta reader on, way back when.

Congrats to everyone, and of course we all win, because we have this excellent reading list to peruse. :)

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