Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Saturday was pretty fun, overall. I was tired from Friday, when I biked to my therapist's and back (about and hour and ten minutes on the bike), so I was sore and headachy all day, but Bill and I hung out with Erik and Tammy and went fish-shopping on a tour of northeast suburban detroit fish stores. We got some plants and some really cool driftwood, and there was a break in the middle at this one place called wet thumb aquatics -interresting place, basically a store in somebody's backyard, only open to the public three days a week - where I sat out by the pond and rested in the sun doing nothing for a while, which was really nice. It was a beautiful day.

Did you take advantage of free comic book day? We stopped into a participating comic book store late in the day yesterday and were given our choice from a wide selection - got 6 free comic books! it was very cool. And Tammy also loaned me the collected Strangers in Paradise comic - I read the first volume last night before bed and it was pretty neat. Woke up before five this morning and couldn't sleep. Once my imagination gets going... *sigh*

Now the birds are starting to sing and call and I've had breakfast and I think I'll go back to bed.

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