Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Warm weather: time to attack the back yard

This past weekend I celebrated the sunshine and warmth by attacking the abundant wilds in the back yard - specifically by pushing back the line of the wild raspberries growing through into the yard from the woods (I've got a long ways to go there, yet), pulling up the dried-out stalks of tall weeds I allowed to run rampant last year, pruning some young trees and a huge overgrown cedar bush, and pulling out an aggressive vine that was not content with roaming the afore-mentioned cedar but has also been making inroads across the lawn. Criss-crossing the lawn, which means that as I rip it up I get detoured into ripping other lines up until I find the end of the shortest one and then backtrack to finish the others. Other vines were also trimmed or ripped out.

thatguychuck joined me for the last bit of daylight and was a huge help, both with Pruning and clearing the yard of pruned branches and afterwards with cleaning the wood and fertilizer and such out of the back corner and cabinet of the garage, moving an extra set of tires up into the cabinet and out of the way, and bringing the table saw up from the basement to where the tires used to be. I will not forget, Chuck, that you are so very good at such projects (you have been warned). Earlier in the weekend Bill helped me with hanging the ladder in the garage and sorting out some things we don't need any more (many of which were car and motorcycle-related stuff we put in a box to offer Chuck, which was nice to have to give him in thanks for his help). So the garage is much more useable now, and I have at least gotten *started* on the back yard, which will take a couple more weekends to look anything other than wildly overgrown.

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