Anne (netmouse) wrote,

picked mom and dad up at the airport last night. It took longer than expected - though when I left home the computers predicted they would land 2 minutes early, they were put in a holding pattern and actually landed 20 minutes late.

Sometimes I think they really ought to have a system for informing the drivers of cars trying to pick people up when flights are substantially -and unexpectedly- late like that. Heck, they had five people out there on security staff waving people through to keep the line moving. More people would get out of the way if there was a digitized screen over the roadway informing them that there was no chance that their passengers would be there until such-and-such time.

I eventually parked in short term parking, and went in, found my parents, and waited with them for their checked baggage. Then we called Bill, and he picked up take-out from the Parthenon and met us at mom and dad's house with dinner. This was especially good since we were running so late- people were hungry.

Mom and dad had lots of good stories from Ric's retirement from the Marines, and we got to see a photocopy of his award for meritorious service from the President. They go to the trouble of providing documentation of all the things he did over the 20 years that were considered meritorious, and it makes for an impressive read. By the end there, he was managing 350 people and maintaining 94% readiness for the communications and satelite systems they were responsible for, which is appearantly higher than the required standard. good-oh.

Mom spent a lot of time talking about Sydney, dad's ex-wife. I think mom often goes into a black-and-white characature of a person, so that even when she says "Sydney was gracious about ______. She tried." You can tell she's describing a "bad guy". (and she randomly refered to her as "Syndey" -her new name- "Marsha" - her old name, and "what's her name" - but that could be mainly due to dificulty remembering the new name.) I was a little frustrated to note her insensitivity to how dificult it must have been for dad to be around his ex -- mom was mainly focused on her own perceptions and issues. But it sounded as though, on the whole, things went pretty well, so I guess that's not a big deal.

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