Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Carryon Luggage recommendations?

I will be traveling in March and need to buy a new carry-on bag. My old one was too worn out, so I got rid of it. I've done a little shopping, but so far haven't seen what I want - something relatively small, that can fit a laptop and a few days' clothes, maybe with a pocket large enough to accept some folders and/or a book on the front.

My old bag was too long to fit front-to-back in some airlines' overhead compartments, so I want one shorter than that. I value a sturdy, easy-to-use collapsable long handle to drag it around by, and I want the wheelbase to be sturdy as well. It should also be well ballanced on the wheel base - my previous bag had a tendency to fall over forward when standing, which got annoying quickly.

Color doesn't really matter, though something other than black might be refreshing - otherwise I'll decorate it.
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