Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Guitar and snow

I had a nice evening guitar practice with Kathy last night. I took over Rise up Singing and we found a few songs in it that we each know, and a couple we both know. :)

Still plenty of the book we didn't get to, yet.
(It's a nice songbook for lyrics, and we figured out the notation for chords, but it doesn't give the melody for anything except a few rounds, so it's not much help on songs where you don't know the tune already.)

We are starting to face up to the fact that we'll have to play a song with an F chord in it sooner or later, but for now we've mostly been avoiding them.

Shoveled the walk before dinner and then again when I got back from Kathy's. It's still snowing so I expect to shovel some more when I get home from work today. Welcome to winter. :)

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