Anne (netmouse) wrote,

It was a good weekend. I managed to get another job application out right before leaving on Friday, Rikhei and I had a pleasant trip out, and we had a nice visit with Bill's mom. I got to the Hyatt around 5:30 and read my new book by Jack Welch that Bill gave me (Jack was the plenary speaker at Bill's conference and the book is about being CEO of GM). Eloise appeared just as I was trying to call Laura to check on her and not only loaned me her cell phone but also sat with me and taught me a basic way how to knit while I waited. Laura and I went for dinner and to check in at the hotel and got back to the Hyatt around 9:20. Tammy said it was a good thing we were late, she wasn't in her room at 9 anyway.

The Midfanzines looked quite good; Eloise had stapled some and she and Steven had started handing them out. There was a little delay getting the check-off list back, but we handed some out anyway and I just have to remember to double-check with tammy before I start to mail them out, to make sure she didn't hand one to someone I missed noting. Laura and I stapled the rest and eventually went the rounds trying to hand them out to subscribers. I also sold three.

It was nice hanging out at the ConFusion party plugging ConFusion, but it reinforced in my mind the fact that I need to learn more about our con, like how much we charge for dealers tables and such.

got lots to do today so I won't post too much more. I was really glad to have hung out with Laura like that. Got back to Bill's mom's before 10 am Sunday, helped load the blazer. We also had time to sort through some christmas decorations Bill's mom didn't want anymore, sort out some ones we wanted. There were some kinds I'd never had when I was a kid, like creatures and santas and such that were designed to fit over the tree lights and glow, and birds on springy leggs that would clip to the tree branches.

Jonathon and Rikhei came for lunch and got headed home more or less on time. The trip was fun- Rikhei and I got onto singing with the radio and then moved onto singing songs from Musicals. We caravaned with Bill and Jonathon -I drove the blazer, Bill drove the Nova. We unloaded the cars at home and then I drove Rikhei home and returned the Blazer to mom and dad while Bill drove jonathon home. The fish were very hungry. Hopefully my dropping the lid of the oscar's tank on their heads when they startled me by jumping at me while I was openning it might have taught them a lesson. Unlikely, I guess.

It's nice to be home with my Bill again.

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