Anne (netmouse) wrote,

New Bra Day (Black)

It seems like a good day so far. The sun is shining, Bill and got in some fun before he left for work, and when I checked my mail, I had a note from my advisor at school. He had sent me my file back with revisions, you may recall - well, he made those revisions directly on the document and then apologized that he'd forgotten to turn on tracking so I'd have to search out the small changes. I wrote him back that it was all right, I'd turned on tracking before I sent him the file, so I could easily review the changes (Word is clever in that it tracks which author (computer owner) made which changes).
This morning he writes me back:

    You truly are a wise woman!


Well, it's about time, I think. :)

Yesterday went fairly well, and the AASFA meeting was pretty good. I enjoyed hanging out with Krysta and Tammy a little bit after the meeting. Krysta says the Michigan Union has pretty good pool tables, and mondays women are free. Tammy suggested a fish store outing for Saturday that Bill and I might go on.

After the meeting Bill and I met at the Gym and had a good workout. Then we went home and after Bill brought his chocobo up two new skill levels in Final Fantasy we put on The Serpent's Kiss.

The Serpent's Kiss is a rather weird movie, very poetical, or allegorical or something. The kind of movie that screams that it has a very very deep message, really. It's filled with compelling moments but the plot itself is shallow and barely pulls you along - the pacing is slow and a bit dreamy and sometimes the scenes are confusing. The basic plot is that a young man against his will is participating in a con of sorts - he's pressed to convince a man and his wife to invest in an elaborate Garden (the type with statues and marble and fountains and raked gravel) which he will design so as to ruin the man financially and hopefully leave his wife open to the overtures of her penniless cousin. But what he didn't count on, the cover tells us, was their sensuous daughter. This movie is mildly interesting. Here are the good parts : the daughter has the most amazing, budlike lips; every so often, Ewan Macgregor gets this amused look and the joy of life springs from his eyes, framed by the dimples in his smile; there's this one scene where the daughter seems to call up a wind by pursing those amazing lips and blowing the seeds from a dandelion. With each blow the wind blows harder, and when the dandelion is gone she walks triumphantly out into the wilds of the wind as it ravages the garden behind her, smashing the sterile statues off their pedestals and pulling up the young trees, breaking all the windows in the hothouse that waits to awaken fictional exotic plants that will never come.

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