Anne (netmouse) wrote,

went over to Eric and Tammy's for dinner and gaming. I should get frozen potstickers at Hiller's sometime, they're pretty good. Bill's car really wasn't sounding too happy coming and going. I'm continuing his habit of parking it in the driveway backwards, even though I'm not as good at backing up as him.

There was a game in progress when I got there, that I never got the name to -a mix between Risk and Cosmic Encounter, I was told (a board game). After a while spent eating cheese and rinking wine with a little smoffing between me, Tammy, and Dennis Tabaczewski, whom I'd just met, Tammy gave me her spot while she switched to cooking. With help from pretty much everyone but especially Eric, Tammy and I won the game. Sue and Scott were also there with their dog, Zack. We took a break to eat and then played a couple quick games of Flux. I think I like that game. I won the first game (It would be interesting to keep track, but in my experience, there's something like an 80% chance that I will win a game the first time I ever play it). I also won the second game, but that was because Dennis gave me the win, which was largely because Sue and Scott needed to go and that gave us closure.

I left too and am very tired so I think I shall go straight to bed.

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