Anne (netmouse) wrote,


Bill and I picked out a cat last night. Well, really, I fondly watched the two of them fall in love with one another, then demonstrated that she and I would get along as well (I like her a lot. She's very sweet and inquisitive). He took her home and I joined them for dinner after picking up kitty litter and food.

She's a slender short-haired calico, with the hoped-for "M" on her forehead and slightly softer (more pale) colors than on most (which helps make her look delicate). The shelter guesses she's probably about a year old. She was rescued by an EMT at a fire and was given to the shelter just under a month ago.

She settled in remarkably easily, happy to wander around and to sit in laps or in the kitchen chairs or on the den armchair where I put down a soft towel for her. For the moment we have only given her access to the den and the kitchen, so we can make sure she's housetrained (it seems she's already housebroken and even has some familiarity with "don't go on the table and counter" type of rules). Keeping her in just two rooms also helps keep the transition to the new space from being overwhelming, but I expect she's an adaptable sort of cat in any case. Bill is sleeping on his hiking bedroll in the den for a bit of this transition so she's not lonely in the night. I was unsurprised that his first comment this morning was about how the cat kept wanting it to be awake time so she would get fed. :)

It will be nice having a cat around.

We need to give away some plants that are toxic to cats though, so if you would like an ivy or a very rangy sort of pointsettia, please let me know (and I have not forgotten that I said I'd grow a christmas cactus or two for people, I just haven't gotten to it yet).
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