Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Third day in a row, started the day by aplying for a job. Now I'm about to apply for a second one. Speaking of which, this ad is pretty cool.

Yesterday was up and down. mom wasn't ready and willing to go to the Witches lunch at the Old Town, but I went anyway and really enjoyed it. And there were seven witches in all at lunch (we wore hats), which seemed appropriate. I went back to mom's after, brining her lunch and visiting her for a bit. Then I had tea with my neighbor, Sandra, and then went back to the house and was ready just barely in time for the first trick-or-treaters, after making a few phone calls.

Jean Barnard asked me to come by to pick up a book to return to Chad (Chad, are you coming to the party Saturday at the WRAP house?). Out of 500 pages, she'd only read 10, and reading is very dificult for her. I waited for Bill to get home, then headed over. It's hard to just pop in an out of a visit with jean, so it was at least a half an hour later that I headed back home.

Mary came over in a fairy princess costume that she just always has on hand. We had dinner (ratatouli with pasta, baked pumpkin, candy) and watched Jacob's Ladder, which is a good movie though it's hard to describe why.

We finished the Dali painting jigsaw puzzle just before Mary left. It was a nice evening.

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