Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Today has been a good day. Got up fairly early and started the day by applying for a job! the contact is through - I sent the contact email and my resume, we'll see what comes of it. Then I helped Bill wake up, and really got going for the day.

I ran to meijer before meeting Rikhei at Angel Hall at 10:15. Unfortunately I had misunderstood the terms of dropping off film at meijer (they've changed since ten years ago! how dare they!) and my pictures were not ready yet.
Rikhei gave me a hand and I saved copies of my previously scanned thesis images and then we scanned some photos from California and also some photos from the road trip Sarah and I took in 1996. I think they turned out pretty well!

Rikhei left to go nap and lunch and I finished up the scanning and then headed to lunch myself - and none too soon.

I ate an apple on my way across campus as my hands were still shaking by the time I got my lunch served to me. I was parked at the maynard garage, so I went to Frank's Diner for lunch. Cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes and green beans - food that sticks to your ribs. I did a little shopping for Bill's birthday since I was downtown anyway, and then I came home and worked on the web page I referred to before.

My mouse seems to be going downhill, and it's bugging me more each day. It's bad at picking up the fact that I've clicked it. I often have to click multiple times to select or open something, or insert a cursor. I'm planning to call Dell and see if they have any suggestions. Bill already openned it and tried to blow out the dust.

Dinner tonight with Martha and Heinz. Should be nice. They're my parents age and used to live two doors down from us on Pomona. Martha was the Costumer for the Fine Arts Reparatory Company (F.A.R.Co) in my highschool for a while. Heinz is a tax accountant. They're really neat people. Gotta go...

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