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Zer Netmouse
October 29th, 2002
06:25 pm


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Spent much of the day waiting for the Ameritech tech to show up. He called around 9 and predicted he would come around 12, so I relaxed. Been worrying about not getting enough excercise, so I tried Dance Dance Revolution for 25 minutes in "workout" mode. I kind of like that mode, but my left knee has been hurting more as the day goes along and I can only guess that was from doing DDR.

phone boyo called around 1 to say he wouldn't be here until 2:30-ish. I washed a couple of windows and watered the upstairs plants. a request from Jeff got me looking seriously into where the old ConFusion websites are... turns out they are/were all in the same folder. I'm glad the current webmaster has decided to create a 2003 folder/directory for this year's confusion, and I would like to see future years follow this practice. since many factors (hotel, party rules, stilyagi logos) were shared by multiple websites, Chad's decision to maintain them all in the same space made sense... for the first five years. but it means we don't have static, self-contained archives of those websites. We also seem to be missing the header image for Confusion of the winnebagos. I spent much of the afternoon copying files to subdirectories and fixing broken references. It's still not done. I did find Chad's list of old confusion websites, which helped a lot. I'm putting links to the newly archived sites up at the ConFusion Over the Years page I made last week.

we also seem to be missing a picture of Howard (devore_smith.jpg) from 1999.

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Date:October 29th, 2002 04:04 pm (UTC)

Howard DeVore picture

You could get a small one from http://www.livejournal.com/users/bighoward/

or from Chad's website on the B17 flight he and Howard took that also has a link to some other photos taken that day

or you could wait until Chad gets back in a few days, and ask him to take a decent photo.
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Date:October 29th, 2002 05:30 pm (UTC)

small picture of Howard

There are no small pictures of Howard ! Is your phone fixed ?If not describe what's happening. Maybe I can fix it over the phone. Don't laugh, I fixed Roger Sims humidifier over the phone and just two weeks ago I fixed Suzy's hot water heater over the phone.
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Date:December 30th, 2002 01:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your ConFusion Over the Years page -- it cleared up a couple of the entries in my personal time line. Although I still have a question: I have a name badge with my name on it here that also says "The 9x109 names of Confusion." Is this the same one as your listed "The Billion names of Confusion"? It is about the same order of magnitude, I guess.

Oh, another question. Has it always been in January? I seem to recall that the first one wasn't, but that could be a pseudomemory. And do you have any notion of the exact dates of the first 10 or so?

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