Anne (netmouse) wrote,

A grey day today, but not too cold. Yesterday it was raining some. I had lunch with Tammy and scouted out the Comfort Inn for MWC 2. It could work. We're going to look at a suites hotel on Monday. On my way home I stopped at Workbench in Kerrytown. They have some cool tables that have hidden expansion leaves. I like the design if not really the appearance.

Today Bill and I talked again about getting the dining set from his mom's house. He has been hesitating about that, 'cause he says if we rented a truck then it would feel like we ought to get the drill and the table saw and everything too and that would be a huge project. they's very heavy and where would we put them? I'm voting for renting a small truck (or van, Bill suggested), and just getting the table and chairs and another table (sofa table, if you know what that it). We could do that the weekend after next - Bill has a conference in Chicago Nov 2 to Nov 8 and I'm going up to meet him and ride back together after visiting his mom. I think I forgot to mention to him, but I'm thinking it would be nice to go to the north side on Saturday to visit laura and on the way back stop at ClubFusion at Windycon, deliver MidFanzine. If I'm going to do that I really need to work on the 'zine. I was going to do some of that this afternoon while Bill went back to work, but I'm very tired. I had tuna fish salad for lunch and now I'm down for a nap I think. Maybe after that get moving on the 'zine.

oh, and I was also thinking maybe next edition I'l print a poem I wrote that hasn't been anywhere but the web yet but that I like. I was reminded of it yesterday when I added it into my website. I'm updating the website and putting in a bunch of things that were in one or another of my school accounts (which are both now dead). As my dad reminds me, that material is still out there anyway in the web archives, but it's nice to reorganize it and put it all in one place. There's still a lot more, but I'm working on it.
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