Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So... Thanks. *hug*

So here we are. Another thanksgiving. I'll be picking up my sister at the airport and heading up to my grandmother's house, a spot of warm hominess in a recovering neighborhood in the center of Flint (I think there are fewer boarded up houses there this year than last year, but I'm not sure). I am still thankful that Grandma lived through the episode about 10 years ago where a man broke in and she shot him and then they fought over the gun (she shot him in the stomach, and he was a big man). I'm still impressed she chose to continue living in the same place.

I'm thankful that my family is, on the whole, doing well. There's some major change. My sister is moving on from her position in Florida (If you live in a city with mountains nearby, and know someone who needs an art director or public art coordinator, let me know). Bill is almost done with his hike and after that I have no idea what he'll do. A few options have been discussed but it's fairly wide open. Dad is approaching retirement. My mom came through a couple surgeries just fine this year and I'm thankful for that. Hopefully she'll continue to be well. My grand-nephew was born this year and we're all thankful his dad (my nephew) has made it through a couple tours in Iraq without bodily harm (may all our soldiers come home as safe).

I'm thankful that I work at a good company with people I enjoy. That's worth a lot.

I'm thankful that though I still haven't found someone to replace the windows (references, anyone?), the house is in pretty good shape. And, you know, I'm thankful that we have a house, and that it's in a city I love, with a lot of extended family in the immediate area.

-AND, I'm thankful for my extended family, my heartfamily: all of you, whether you're water brothers and bosom friends or just good friends or pals or even casual readers I've never met in person. Thank you for taking an interest and for contributing to my life experience. The thoughful bits, the fun, the magic, the confusion, the drama, dance, and poetry; all of it makes this cosmic, amazing whirl that is life.

I'm thankful for getting to have a part in *your* lives too. Sometimes the things I read in other people's journals here on LJ (or elsewhere) are the most thought-provoking or smile-generating things in my day. So thank you for sharing yourself in this medium, as well as when we get together InRealLife (tm), which I'm also glad that we do. :)

I guess that's enough for the moment. I have more cleaning to do. It is after all the holidays. That's what they're about, right? Cleaning? ;)

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