Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday

'cause that's my day of rest.

No really, it was. I spent a very restful lazy morning. Finished reading The Fair Folk, an anthology I picked up at the world fantasy convention, thanks to encorecrazay, and have enjoyed quite a bit. Played with the fish. Got an email note from Bill. Wrote him back. Didn't get dressed until Noon. That's how lazy it was.

markeyisapunk and her friend Dave picked me up around 1 to go to brunch at Zingerman's Roadhouse. I was once again almost completely disappointed in my experience there (so far as the food, not the company, though in this particular instance, the service was also poor, and to top it off, as I got up to leave I hit my hip against the corner of the table next to me in the perfect way so as to crack the window cover on my cell phone). The bread was good. The company was better.

After, Mary and I had just enough time for a little shopping for fiendish plan #30, which is also surprise for Bill #1 (just a small thing, but I can't explain here in public) before I took her to the airport to head back home. On the way back I impressed myself by finding my way by memory to cannibal and asyatka's new house, where they were celebrating finishing the living room floor, and having furniture there and everything, with some of those who'd helped with one or another of the various house readying projects. I returned a copy of Strangers in Paradise, Book 4 to Chad and he surprised me with a copy of Snow White and the Seven Samurai, by Tom Holt. It was a lovely party and good to see everyone.

I stopped on the way home to do a little shopping and now I have a quiet rest of the evening in front of me. A nice way to prep for Tomorrow, which will be very busy.

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