Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I can feel myself falling into bad habits from back when I was working on my thesis. There are a lot of things I need to get moving on, getting a job being one of them. hopefully Rikhei can help me finish the images I need to finish the electronic copy of my thesis, and then I can be fully done with this revisit to worse times. I think the negative associations (self-remonstration) make getting a position that has something to do with my thesis a bad idea, but I really should publish my work.

Bill has started us on the project of taking down the drop ceiling in the basement. That's good.

Yesterday I found another bunch of little grubs/caterpillars from the moths, and finally looked them up on the web. It seems we have mediteranian moths, and their life cycle is more than forty days long, so it'll be a long while yet before we know if we've cleared out the infestation. I'm taking the precaution of putting questionable things in the freezer, trying to minimize the number of things we have to throw out.

cold day today.

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