Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Thanksgiving Cactus (Speaking of color)

2006 christmas cactus horiz
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

Before I head out, I stopped to water the plants, and thought I would share a picture of the christmas cactus in all its glory. Actually it's more of a thanksgiving cactus, 'cause it usually blooms about now (and then again in February or so).

Bill rescued this christmas cactus from the sidewalk when he found three sections of cactus laying on the ground and said "Look! a Christmas Cactus!" We brought it home and grew it into a plant, which has been very rewarding. There's another cactus in the same pot, which grew from a cutting given to us by Hedwig Biggle. You can see it better in the other pictures I posted, if you click through to flickr.

(a christmas cactus is actually a tropical cactus and more of a succulent, so you should water it thoroughly whenever it's dry. If you want a cutting, let me know. it's getting huge, so I'll probably prune it once the blooms go away.)

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