Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon and early evening shopping furniture with my mom. This was a "look at what's out there" trip. What's out there is expensive! And there's all this stuff made of cherry with wormholes that has additional knicks in it to make it look "distressed" so you'll feel like you're getting something "estate". I told the saleslady I could deal with the sense that I was buying something "new" just fine, thank you.
(we didn't buy anything though). House of Sofas is a pretty nice store - and has big sales right now because the owner is retiring and a lot of the stock is going to turn over.

I got home and Bill was in the mood to do something productive. We went downstairs and I caught dusty acoustic tiles and frame as he handed them down to me. It will be nicer once we get those down - the ceiling won't be so low. We will need to paint it though. I didn't last very long at that; I was tired.

Today I did a couple loads of laundry and finished putting the displays into the appendix of my thesis- yes my thesis is done, but I'm trying to compile an electronic version. Now I've got everything in there except some images I scanned with Rikhei's help on Saturday.

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