Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I guess it's been a while since I made a public post. btw, if I know you and I haven't friended you, comment here to hit me with a clue-bat. If I don't know you but you'd like to be on the F-list, feel free to comment as well (a small poem or interpretive dance may convince me).

Bill's about 3 weeks out and I'm eager to have him home. Staying busy and trying to get/keep my spirits up despite continued grey and rainy weather. Pilates yesterday. Guitar class tonight, and then dinner with a friend thursday. Expecting to see both Rikhei and Mary this weekend, which will be good.

Brendan just took a vanload of stuff to Laura, so there may be enough space to get my saw out and play with it in the garage now. Especially if I finish sanding the bookshelves that are on the worktable in there. hrm.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? My Aunt will be in town so we'll all be up at Grandma's. First thanksgiving since 1996 without Bill there. But-- home soon. Right. Looking forward to seeing what-all of his friends may come for a "back from the trail" party for him. dunno when he'll schedule that.
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