Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Bill and I have become converts to a new kind of Dental Floss. Prior to our Dental Cleanings this fall, I think it would be fair to say that neither one of us flossed often, though Bill did more than I. Now the Dentist has given us samples of a product made by Oral-B, called Satin Tape. It doesn't splinter like regular floss, it is easier to get between your teeth and less likely to hurt your gums, and it doesn't cut into your fingers when it's wet.

And flossing my teeth regularly for a couple weeks afer brushing has convinced me that it's necessary. We went out and bought some of this Satin tape - look closely if you go to buy some - satin floss and satin tape may be hung on the same peg at the pharmacy. We recommend the tape.
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