Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Time must be passing

I'm out of clean underwear again.

and it's time to water the plants.

In other news, the sick fish isn't dead yet but he seems to be getting worse - the infection is visibly spreading up his head. Then again, I think he's eating. But only when I'm not looking.

I set their clock back last night. Lazy fish, I thought, then- oh.

I'm starting to know quite a bit about Nigeria, which I'm studying for work. Then again, whenever I get smarter about stuff around the world, it hits me again how little I know. Like, Venezuela. Keith and I were talking about Venezuela. They produce 3.2 million barrels of oil a day. Who knew? Ok, you probably did. I was clueless, see?

I guess there's only so many topics a person can know thoroughly. I know a lot skimmingly. Conrunning I know pretty thoroughly. What else? Some about cooking. Some about dancing. Some about cognitive psychology. *sigh* maybe that's not a productive feel-good sort of question right now. I'm fighting premenstrual depression already, better not to beat myself up about what I don't know, in the middle of everything else.


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