Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Had a long but good day at work yesterday - had a little trouble staying awake in the late morning, after my presentation, then napped a little on the way back from Warren after lunch, so then stayed at work longer than I expected. Had a bad headache and stiff neck, though, so I begged out of Pilates, which only makes such things worse. Then I went home, had some soup, and watched "in her shoes", which turned out to be a really good movie, I thought. It's about these sisters... And I'd say soemthing more coherent except I'm just not that coherent right now. Let's just say they each have their own kind of growing up to do (they're adults).

Good cast, good movie. I cried.

Today I have arranged for rides to and from the airport for this weekend - leaving friday morning to go to Mike Ford's memorial, coming back on Sunday. I also went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned, got some work done, and scheduled an appointment for Dr. Holmes to look at my left foot. Guitar class today, but first heading home for a bit of democratic volunteer work, since we're running way behind in my precinct. If anyone wants to be a poll greeter or challenger on election day, let me know.
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