Anne (netmouse) wrote,

SF, here I am

Here I am in San Francisco. No travel dificulties. opted to take the BARt instead of a cab or something and then enjoyed the nice walk up through Union Square to the Hotel Adagio. I think this is one of the most nicely appointed rooms I've ever been in. Not overly fancy, just... neat. I'll post pictures when I get back. Augmented Cognition conference starts today with a banquet at 6, then Human Factors starts Tuesday. I'm here until Sunday, staying over to get a full day to visit with Tim and Meryl.

On the flight over, I watched a perfect circle of a rainbow follow under the plane on the clouds for a while. I figure something about the plane, whether exaust or something else for the sunlight to defract through, must have caused it. Anyway, it was pretty, yellow in the center, then orange, then pinky red. Going over the Western center of the country was interesting. I never knew so many people made their fields round. Fields are all patchwork rectangly things in Michigan. At first I thought they were something other than fields, but there were tons of them and I am pretty sure they were fields. Some had half one thing, half another. I enjoyed watching the patterns of colors, dusty browns and reds especially.

I took the BART into town from the airport. Not many people were doing that. It was kind of weird going through these huge industrial walkways to get to the AIR train by myself. It's warmer than I expected. My wool suite jacket is sufficient, no need for the coat.

Now I'm off to get some fresh fruit before the Banquet. I miss you all!
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