Anne (netmouse) wrote,

First Guitar Class, Followed by Tuesday at Tios

Today I had my first in a series of ten class sessions at the WCC in guitar playing. Happily, Katherine Becker is taking the class too, so we sat together as we learned chords and some strumming patterns. It was a little frustrating because my guitar, which is a very old classical guitar, hadn't been tuned in a long time and wouldn't hold its tuning. I tried not to be obnoxious re-tuning it during class, but I thought that was less obnoxious than playing horribly out of tune chords. The instructor thought maybe it was just the strings stretching, but I think I want a steel string anyway for the narrower neck, so I'll probably go buy an entry level guitar soon.

I will actually miss next week's lesson, 'cause I'll be in San Francisco, but after that I hope to make the rest. I'll try to practice, too. And I'll probably also make a regular habit of heading over to Tios afterwards with Kathy to get a bite to eat and see the folks who converge there on Tuesdays. It was nice to see everyone.
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